New Blood, Old Wounds

by Hollowed Out

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released May 10, 2016

Recorded March 2016, at Tonal Studios in Fort Worth, TX
Engineered by Brandon Saiz
Mixed and mastered by Cris Marshall
All songs written and performed by Hollowed Out



all rights reserved


Hollowed Out Texas

Andy - Guitar
Dave - Guitar
Erik - Vocals
Garrett - Bass
Thomas - Drums

North Texas Heavy Hardcore.


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Track Name: Modern Demons
This social warpath continues,
Leave disappointment in my wake.
Still the bastard I always was.
I'll dust off my knuckles again, and fight these modern demons for another day...
Just like I've always done, for as long as I remember.
I fight this war on the inside, acknowledge and face reality.
Track Name: N.B.O.W.
All I taste is my own blood.
I can't even speak, and my throat is torn to shreds.
I don't think I can do this anymore.
I'm starting to understand things I never wanted to know.
sacrifice my every day for a few moments to truly be myself.
I can't stop time. so much abuse, I can't even find my voice.
Turn back the clock, and do it right this time.
Blood. All I taste is my own blood.
Track Name: Let's Start a War
let's start a war.
this idea is poison.
this concept could catch fire.
it's dangerous to you and everyone you know.
take this a death threat to everything that comforts you,
to every truth that you hold true, to every answer you never questioned.
I'm not content to just listen,
I'm not content to just follow.
I’m out to incite a riot.
So, don't fear me, fear my words.
nothing to stand for, nothing to rebel against.
so let’s awaken this worthless generation of non-discerning sheep.
A herd of robots, worshipping false idols... screaming, with nothing to say.
These words will live on long after I'm gone.
So while we're here, let's start a war.
False anger breeds real complacency.
Think like a radical. Speak like a renegade. Live like a rebel.
Think like a radical. Speak like a renegade. Live like a rebel.
Fought with logic and reason…
Let’s start a war.
Waged in the name of progress…
Let’s start a war.
Track Name: Asleep on the Battlefield
Stop doing as you're told.
Let your traditions die, and unlearn everything you think you know.
Question the answers you've been given.
"Just because that's the way it's always been," isn't a good reason to do or think anything.
Stop doing as you're told.
Let your traditions die.
It’s time to decide what's truly wrong and right.
If you have eyes, you can see the truth.
I let go of the hand that held me back, I bit the hand that fed me.
Stop doing as you're told.
Let your traditions die…
I opened my eyes and stared into the void.
I'm no longer afraid of the unknown.
It's killing me to know that you can't see what I see.
It's killing me to know that you refuse to see what you see.
You're asleep on the battlefield.
Asleep on the battlefield.
Track Name: The Swarm
Fear masked as love.
Fear masked as contentment.
Fear masked as righteousness.
Fear masked as salvation.
the crowd. the herd. the hive.
afraid to step out of line.
why can't we break free from this mentality?
broadcast mass-market opinion, no need to think for ourselves.
self-imposed mind control,
we are controlled by fear.
it's not about the powers that be, it's about you and me.
threat by example, adhere to the status quo.
afraid to stand out from the crowd.
afraid to say what we really mean.
afraid to think what we really think.
weakness in numbers, and strength in self.
Track Name: Shadows Bloom
There are no ghosts,
there are no spirits,
no disembodied voices speaking to you from beyond the grave.
We live and we die,
and the only things that we leave behind are the things that we leave behind.
You’re the only thing haunting you.
and there’s nothing more frightening ,or comforting than your own mind.
There are no angels.
There are no demons.
No hearts, no bracelets, no signs...
It’s only you, it’s only us, there’s only now.
I’m afraid we’re losing you...
But then again, I guess I lost you a long time ago.
It’s all coincidence, but you can’t even see it.
I know you know.
You’re just so desperate for an answer, searching for a reason...
I know you know.
Please tell me that you know.
Wake up.
Now is the time to live, and though the time to die will come,
Try not to confuse the two. You’re losing you…
Track Name: Wish You Were Here
I can't say what I really mean.
I have to keep my opinions to myself.
Every time I speak my mind, you make me feel completely worthless.
So why am I even alive? What is my purpose here?
If I'm better never seen or heard, then tell me, what is the point?
I don’t care if you hate me.
Should I just shut up and do as I'm told?
I don’t care if you hate me.
I’m glad you hate me, because I hate you too.
I hate you too.
This place is my escape from the rest of the world.
This is where I can truly be myself.
I don’t need to live in fear.
I've got this microphone, I know my fucking place.
So now that I’ve got your attention,
I just have a few things to say...
I don’t care if you hate me.
I won’t shut up and do as I’m told.
I don’t care if you hate me.
I’m glad you hate me, because I hate you too.
I hate you too.
I'll say whatever I want, and you'll just fucking listen.
I wish you were here right now, I'd tell you to go fuck yourself.
Track Name: Level Three
this is as black and white as it gets.
there are no fucking shades of grey.
this isn't some kind of passing trend.
it was never about fitting in or standing out.
I'm not afraid, my choice is made.
I do this for myself, this is just who I am.
never wander. never waver.
I don't want it. I don't need it... and neither do you.
this is as black and white as it gets.
there are no fucking shades of grey.
I'm not trying to save you, save yourself.
and I'm not trying to change you, you’re a waste.
this is an act of self-defense.
this is my armor against the ills of this world.
I control my fate.
I will not break.